Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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ავტორი: Thomas Doering

Photographer Biography

Hi! My name ist Thomas Doering. I'm from Ratingen, Germany, and was born in 1970. I am married and operate as electronic engineer. In April 2004 I took a camera in my hands for the first time. Learning-by-doing and hints and criticisms from friendly photographers helped me to enhance my skills. Criticism (positive or negative) is always welcome. Best regards, Thomas P.S: I'm amazed about the good average ratings for my photos, as I'm still relative new to photography. On the other hand it is blazing, that the anonymous ratings are significantly worse than the overall ratings. Maybe some 'old bulls' or professionals have a problem with me?! However, I don't mind.

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Leluchi said...

gemovnebit gadagebuli niu! lamazia!